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The power of determination will make you 


Right now our kids all need a confidence boost, a moment to shine... to really stop and think about how much they have overcome - to be proud of themselves, and appreciate how their hard work, and persistence has paid off.

Equally important is to help sustain our gymnastics and dance studios. It's certainly been a rough 2 year so we're making this a fundraiser too!


It's super easy to say YES to this fundraiser! 

Past projects have raised over a thousand dollars each!  The studio/Gym/Club will receive a gift of one free art piece to hang on the wall and 4 digital images to use for marketing and promotional purposes. You'll simply be required to send out the communications and provide a volunteer the day(s) of the photo shoot. 

For a $99 fee, a majority of which goes to the gym, each athlete/dancer will have a professional photography session with beautiful  ACTION shots and receive a free gift with their best image.  Wendy is a former dancer/ teacher and helps guide the kids to look their absolute best, regardless of the level they are at!

Orders for wall art, prints and packages are available or simply accept their free gift with no other purchase necessary.

******* For more info on hosting an #Unstoppable event for your dance studio, (or cheer team, gymnastics club etc) please get in touch with me and I'll help you raise some money, raise some spirit and make beautiful artwork! Click on the email below and tell me all about how you are #unstoppable!

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