The power of determination will make you 


I want to give dancers a boost. I want to give them a moment to shine, a moment to really stop and think about how much they have overcome - to be proud of themselves, and appreciate how they've had to dig deep to keep going. It's a powerful source of inspiration, to walk in a room and see a beautiful piece of artwork that reminds them how far they have come. I hope that this encourages  and inspires them to continue on their journey and remain #Unstoppable.

The arts and small businesses have taken a major hit from the pandemic. Many dancers, athletes and artists have quit, staying open is difficult. I want to support, inspire, and celebrate that we have endured. We have tenacity! We overcame and adapted. We are Unstoppable!


Sessions are now booking August 14th. The cost of the mini shoot is $100. Shoots are 30 minutes long and each participating dancer will receive a free photo ornament. Dancers/athletes can choose to schedule a subsequent photo reveal session with Monarch Images where orders for wall art, prints and packages can be made, or simply to accept their free gift with no other purchase necessary.

Click on the Apply Now button to access the form to reserve your mini shoot session. Wendy Longlade will get back to you to book your session and answer any other questions you may have. 

Go ahead and press that button now! Beautiful photos and an amazing experience are coming your way!

******* If you want to run an #Unstoppable event for your dance studio, (or cheer team, gymnastics club etc) please get in touch with me! Push this little button below and I'll help you raise some money, raise some spirit and make beautiful artwork!

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